Our Story

A home is more than a roof over our heads. It is where families grow, learn and create memories, and we want to be a part of that story.

Founded with a passion to share the warmth of a home, JH Prestige is a premium Singapore-based boutique home developer with the mission to be a partner for families.

We design spaces rooted in quality and purpose - with the simple goal for families to feel at home.

Brand Values

Happy Young Family

We always want what is best for our home and the people in it. That is why we are committed to delivering you the quality you and your family deserve.


Image by Jixiao Huang


We curate our homes with the people living in it in mind. Each aspect is meticulously thought through as though it was our own home. We want to enhance the spaces we live, laugh and learn in.


We want to imagine the spaces together with you. Let us ideate and conceptualise your spaces even down to the nitty gritty. 


The Faces behind JH Prestige

In 2017, Mr and Mrs Chan started conceptualising and piecing together their own home. Heavily involved in every step of the construction, they watched their home being pieced together bit by bit. From there, they made up their mind that a home should never be thought of mechanically as mere rubble and stones. 

"A home is where families grow, learn and create memories."

From there, JH Prestige was born, with the ultimate goal of breathing life and warmth into the spaces we come together, live, laugh and create memories in.